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Jasmin Vocke

Spring ’13 By Jasmin Vocke

A recently designed some dresses I ordered custom made, still waiting for the result I have a lot of new ideas thanks to K.L. and Mark Montano. I love sewing, even though I still suck at most of it, they give me the courage to keep trying and failing, so that I can still have the hope of making my own clothes, and this time, with the help of others this hope is coming true.
I love designing, creating new things that suit my taste, finding new style creations with the clothes I already have, or turning something old into something new.
Mark Montano’s newest video ( http://youtu.be/E0mUVssPWDk ) inspired me like crazy, and will soon be showed of as a recreation of an old mesh shirt I loved and adored ’til I got bored of it. It’s a burgundy long-sleeve mesh shirt, where I am going to take the arms of, and turn it into somthing new with a little bit of faith and a little bit of lace.
That’s the most fun thing about fabric, creating averything in your mind with it.
The sky is the limit, if your heart is in it, so “make your mark”!

Angelic Roze


Drinking games

Drinking, the fascination of the young.
I don’t really get it. Being a bit dizzy myself to write this I have to say, I don’t understand it.
Are the average youngsters these days so self-conscious, to think they need alcohol to fit in, be able to speak their minds? Or to have some fun?
If so, I feel sorry for them. Dont misunderstand, I do care for a drink sometimes myself, but for me, it’s the taste I like, not the sensational dizziness and stupidity that follows to high quantities of the substance.
Being drunk isn’t all that what teenagers or movie directors make it out to be. it’s not just fun and games.
From my youth I learned that alcohol can destroy lives, as well as make it more fun. When someone drunk falls or does something stupid you laugh, when someone dies you feel sorry.
I myself don’t care about the feeling of being drunk. I found out that I get the same crazy and incredible dizziness by being myself, speaking my mind without being drunk, I’m not a non-drinker at all. But for me, the most important thing in life, is to actually remember all the stupid and crazy things I have done and said. I don’t need alcohol to do them. I just need to be myself, have fun, live, and when I am old, have a lot of fun and crazy memories with my friends.

The clue, is to actually being able to remember.

Drama Queen

Drama Queen.
Some people love them, some hate them. They exist in all cultures and are easy to pin point.
Drama queens take their first steps into becoming the center of attention in the early years of preschool, using the so-called “crocodile – tears” – technique. Starting to cry for no reason, just to get everyone’s attention, the best toys, favorite food and so on.
Preschool drama queen’s often end preschool as every teacher’s favorite and fellow student’s number one victim.

In high school drama queens often seem to be the most popular girls, but in reality, they are hated by most people.
Just look for a crowd of people trying to get one girl’s attention and you have found your school’s drama queen. You can divide the rest of the students in three groups. The first group will try to get the “Queen Bee’s” attention, and the other will try their best to ignore everyone and everything that has something to do with them. The last group are simply those people who really don’t give a shit about popularity and drama queen’s and prefer to just live their own life, with their own friends.

There are certain ways to handle that special kind of people. You can make sure everyone knows how a drama queen really thinks about everyone else than themselves. Teachers and followers enjoy this the most. Drama queen’s are some often really scared of being of being exposed to get embarrassed.
Or, you can just make sure you don’t ever give a shit, be yourself, believe in yourself and never back down.


Cobra Starship ft. Siba – You Make Me Feel



Life Without Limbs

Nick Vojicic was born without limbs in 1982 in Brisbane, Australia. He is the eldest child of a Serbian family. Missing both arms at shoulder lever and legless as well, only having a little foot with two toes, his parents were devastated.
He was one of the first disabled students to be integrated into a mainstream school, as soon as the laws changed since he was not mentally impaired, just physical disabled. Even though, because of his physical condition he was bullied at school and grew depressed enough at age eight that he wished to commit suicide. Finally, at the age of ten, he had the change to try. Trying to drown himself in 6 inches of water, he realised he wanted to live, out of love for his parents.
Having his parents by his side he learned that his disability could inspire others. He worked hard to master the daily tasks of his life, learning how to take care of himself. He learned how to write, use a computer, throw tennis balls, play drum pedals, get himself a glass of water, comb his hair, brush his teeth, answer the phone and shave. Being able to do all this by himself he was in seventh grade elected captain of his school and worked with the student council on fund-raising events for local charities and disability campaigns.
Now being at the age of twenty-eight he owns his own non-profit organization “Life Without Limbs”, helping people with similar disabilities and struggles. even though, even people without any missing limbs find his motivation speeches inspiring and helpful.

I think of this guy as inspiring, positive and prove that the will to live on, for someone you love, is stronger than anything else.

Sanctuary for all

Sanctuary follows the exploits of Dr. Helen Magnus a 158 year old scientist and her team on their quest to protect abnormals, various cryptids, legends, and normal animals/people with certain extraordinary powers and abilities.
The first season reveals the history of Dr. Magnus and “The Five”, a group of scientist from the Vitorian- era. At some point during their partnership of “The Five” Magnus acauired a vial of untainted vampire blood and used it as a serum “The Five” injected to themselves, which is the reason for why Dr. magnus is 158 years old.
Each episodes containing new species of abnormals, new mysteries to solve and new enemies to fight.
This series is entertaining, thrilling and shows a new side to the sci-fi genre. A total must see!

Daddy Love

Richard Oetker, the only child of the Oetker Enterprise in Germany was kidnapped 14. December 1979. The kidnappers forced the at that time 1,94m high Richard into a 1,45m long and 0,70m width wooden box that they had in their minivan. The box he was held captive in was stashed with many devices, one of them forcing electric shocks unto him each time he tried to scream for help. the kidnappers didn’t think about that the device would give him electric shocks each time they slammed the doors of the minivan, so Richard Oetker got several shocks that damaged his body and broke his bones under the kidnapping. 

His father, who really loved his son and wanted him back no matter what, paid the record ransom of 42 million euro to get him back alive.
Even though his son was turned into a cripple his father still cared about him and paid alot of money to get his son as healthy as possible. After his father died Richard became the heir of his fathers company.
That’s what I call a loving parent, fighting for his kids happiness.
Should be more people like that around, fighting for the happiness of the ones they love.

A Walk Of Inspiration

That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.Some people get shocked when they hear about Ed Stafford and his achievements for the first time. Stafford is an english explorer, born in Petersburg 1975.  Many people would think that there are no more great adventures out there that havent been achieved by someone already. Humans have crossed the biggest oceans in small boats and climbed the biggest mountains by hand. What more is there to do? Ed Stafford found the answer in South America, by being the first person to ever walk the Amazon river from the source to the sea.

Have you ever thought about global warming or climate changes? Or the deforestation of the rainforest?
Instead of forcing arguments down the throats of those that don’t care; he started his walk along the Amazon river the 2nd April 2008. With his walk, were other transportation than walking wasnt aloud, he wanted to enthuse and inspire other to believing that the Amazon is worth worrying about.
So the focus on creating this 859 days long adventure, with the help of sponsors and a variety of different charity programs, was to suck people into the Amazon so that they could get to know it.
The thought behind; ” The more people care about the Amazon the better.”

List of chariety programs:
– Rainforest Concern (http://www.rainforestconcern.org/)
– The ABC trust (http://www.abctrust.org.uk/)
– Project Peru (http://www.projectperu.org.uk/)
– Cancer Research UK (http://www.cancerresearchuk.org/)
– The ME Assosiation (http://www.meassociation.org.uk/)

 List of some sponsors:
– JBS Associates
– Save Your World
– Unicorn Media
– Transglobe Expedition Trust
– Macpac


Desert Flower

The extraordinary journey of a desert nomad.

The model Waris Dirie changed the world by telling her terrifying childhood story for the first time in 1997, in the hight of her career. A story that received worldwide media coverage.
Waris Dirie was born into a small clan in Somalia in 1965. with only four years she was forced by her parents through a genital mutilation (FGM). Only thirteen years old her parents tried to force her into an arranged marriage. Fleeing the country Dirie ended up in London, England. Where she was discovered by a photographer. Having become a world known model and actress she shocks the world in 1998 with her autographic book, describing her horrifying childhood. Now she fights together with FN against female circumcision, to make sure other girls don’t have to go through the same things she did.
In 2002 she founded the Waris Dirie Foundation in Vienna, Austria, an organization aimed at raising awareness regarding the dangers surrounding FGM. Waris has also started the Desert Dawn Foundation, which raises money for schools and clinics in her native Somalia. Using her own money and self built influence to help poor people in all nations, children and woman. Trying to give them a better destiny with they’re lives. True heroes are those who fight for what is right.

Twilight, the new series!

A new Twilight series has started, twilight: the graphic novel!
Text by Stephanie Meyer, and pictures from Young Kim. The first volume was published on march 16 this year, and a second volume is in planing. This series will totally thrill both twilight fans, and maybe help against the twilight haters. What strikes me, looking at the book, is how faithfully, and how beautifully, artist Young Kim has translated Meyer’s original vision. Kim, who has a fine arts background—in fact, this is her first foray into graphic novels—didn’t just read the book; she absorbed it. Her Bella is the Bella I had in my mind’s eye the first time I read Twilight; her Edward is the Edward I always imagined. It took me back to reading Twilight pre-movie: Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson faded into the background.

Give it a try, and enjoy!

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